Tutoring Services

  • Specialized techniques for students with ADHD, LD
  • Interactive, activity and game style method

  • Homework help

  • Direct instruction and guided practice of skills

  • Instruction, reinforcement and review of curriculum content

  • Analysis of learner’s strengths and needs

  • Regular update of learning accomplishments

Tutoring Subjects

Reading, writing, conversation at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level

GED; Ontario Literacy Course; Grade 9 Math EQAO

English and Math- reading and writing skills, comprehension, test preparation

Content, skills and test preparation

English for Academic purposes

30 Minutes


60 Minutes


Receipts on request

Better understanding, better grades!

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You have stepped in to a difficult situation and made it work (where others couldn’t)….great job!

Bonnie P

I just wanted to reach out to you in regards to Yvette DeBeer. She has been providing our family with tutoring for the past few months now. She has been AMAZING! She has helped Cassey so much in such a short amount of time I am in awe. She arrives on time and prepared. She captures Cassey’s attention for the whole hour lesson and really engages her. Cassey looks forward to her lesson every Friday and is excited to see Yvette. Cassey was really falling behind in math and I was getting regular notes in her planner. I haven’t got a note in weeks. She is caught up and back on track. She also helps her with her reading and anything else she is struggling with. She arrives with a positive attitude and continues it straight through her lesson. She communicates all of the things they covered and how Cassey made out at the end of each lesson. She rewards Cassey at the end for all of her hard work and she gets to pick a treat or prize, which she obviously loves 🙂 I can not say enough great things about Yvette. She has done such a great job and she is absolutely amazing with children. Thanks so much for providing such an awesome person to work with our family!